From me, you can expect:

Timeliness before and after each session.

Discussion beforehand about goals or expectations for that session.

Tips and advice about exercises, stretches, or helpful treatments (ex-hot or cold therapy) when appropriate, as well as energetic methods to maintain wellness.

Maintain your privacy at all times and adhere to HIPAA laws. If it is necessary to speak to another health professional concerning a therapeutic goal, it is done only with the consent of the client (see form in 'forms' section.)


From clients:

24 hrs advance notice for cancellation or rescheduling. As a courtesy, I will allow for one time- we all forget things sometimes! But generally, the session is charged to your credit card if not cancelled beforehand.  

NOTE:  I am an advocate for upholding high standards in the Massage profession.  Therefore, any inappropriate comments or behavior are never tolerated.